Welcome to Panorama Plaza, a beautiful 153 square meter interior design project that embraces light and space in the heart of the city. With a palette of bright colors and a smart layout, this design exudes a sense of openness and vibrancy.

Upon entering Panorama Plaza you are greeted by spacious rooms infused with natural light streaming through large windows, creating a sense of serenity and connection with the environment. The light tones on the walls and floors reflect the sunlight and create an inviting atmosphere.

Each room has been carefully designed to combine functionality with aesthetics. The living areas feature comfortable furnishings with clean lines and vibrant accents that brighten the space. The kitchen is an oasis of modern elegance, with glossy surfaces and cutting-edge appliances blending seamlessly into the overall design.

Lighting plays a crucial role in Panorama Plaza, where strategically placed fixtures and light sources create a warm and inviting ambiance, both day and evening.

Interior 3D Visualization & Rendering for this apartments was created by using lates technologies of 3Ds Max and corona Render

In short, Panorama Plaza is an ode to contemporary luxury and comfort, where space, light and vibrant colours come together to provide a unique and uplifting living experience.